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Life in the Way of Quilting

Sometimes, or maybe most of the time, life tends to take up my quilting time. Lately, I have had to do the yearly “get ready for taxes, organize the paperwork, and get the files together for this new year”. I even had the continual “hunt for lost receipts” time sucker.
I know that I should be quilting. I want to be quilting. I need to be quilting. Life just sneaks in and before I know it, my time is gone and another day has ended.
Other more enjoyable life stuff has taken my quilting time. I went to Bend, Oregon on a quilt shopping/x-country ski trip. I should have stayed home. The thought of missing this adventure jump started me, and so, I had a great time. (Who could turn down shopping at Sew Many Quilts, Quiltworks, or the Stitch n’ Post?). Certainly, not me. I even connected with a great friend while in Sisters, Oregon. I always find it amazing to have those quilters I have known and connected with for over thirty years. It was delightful to see her and share a bit.
The weather was fabulous, the skiing was great, and the shopping? Need I say more!




I also have a pup that is taking up a great amount of quilting time. She is four months old and weighing in at forty pounds. I hope she begins to mellow soon. I am not sure who is more hard headed, Aspen, or me.


Well, I need to start quilting while the pup is asleep. Just wait until I share great finds from the shopping trip!
Keep quilting! And by the way, found this quote I thought was priceless, “That moment when you realize your children have your twisted sense of humor– And you don’t know whether to be proud or scared!”
Thank you for all your great projects for me to quilt. Sue

Last Minute Projects

Well, here is the fabric I started with and shared with you on Facebook. I had four sets that I was getting ready to work with for projects that needed to be done right away. I happen to be someone that works at the last minute, under pressure. No matter how much I try, I am always running at the last minute. Even when I am going to run errands, I am in the car and backing out of the garage and have to run back into the house because I have forgotten something. I used to have someone in my life that helped me with this, but life changes and once again I am running behind on most things.
This project is one that I am running to complete.

Here it is as I am piecing the top. I think any time I am rushing, I have to rip out twice as many seams as I sew. (Maybe I should not do projects at the last minute. I hate to rip out seams. )

Top is complete, now I have to get the backing together and get it in the frame to quilt. Of course, I am short on fabric for the backing so I need to run to the local quilt store to get a little more fabric. (Who doesn’t need more fabric?)
Went with my grandson last night to look at the Christmas lights up on the hill. Traditions continue even when life changes. There always is awe in life regardless of what happens. There was a six point buck standing in the yard next to the light display. Wow!


My favorite day of the year is January 2. I am past the hectic, stressful, emotional time of the year. It is a sad day though. My children usually have returned to their homes and I always miss them. So, I have to get busy quilting and getting ready to spend great time with my family. Keep quilting! Sue


Spent the last week thinking of days gone by. I seem to do that every year about this time. This year seems to have brought a different reflection of sorts. I am remembering all the past places I have traveled to in the past decade and am amazed: New Orleans, San Francisco, Florida, Alaska, Canada, Arizona, Seattle, (and others parts of Washington) Portland, (and other parts of Oregon including the coast), Northern Idaho (and all over other parts of Idaho), Darby, Montana (and other parts of Montana), Utah, California and Nevada.
Seen some amazing country and some amazing stars in the night skies. Guess there is a meteor that is close and the showers have been huge (of course we are clouded right now) but the stars still are vast and shining as we look to the skies. Been listening to Grace Potter’s song “Stars” and it is really speaking to me. 12-12-12 was a beginning of a new positive, enlightenment with the stars aligned. The quilt guild’s theme this year for the show is stars. I do not have stars in my eyes but I am looking to the skies and I think there might be a reflection of stars in my eyes.
The strongest memory of stars was in Arizona, late at night, and knowing my love was more than all the stars in the sky. I guess all of this reflecting reminds me that the universe is so vast and full that I need to remember the path I have travelled, remember the places and people I have spent time with, and start on new adventures. Life is short and there are more night skies filled with stars to see. So as I reflect on the past, I will keep you with me in my memories. I am thankful. I am blessed. I have seen many “stars”. Just wish the clouds would lift so as I take the girls out several times a night, I could see the stars and make my wish upon a star.



Sorry there are no pictures of quilts today, my reflections and memories were strong and I thought of the “star” quilts I have made but the pictures are not easily accessed. I will save them for another day. As I look to the skies, I will be thankful and remember. Keep quilting. Sue


Today is a very disorganized day for me. Everything on my schedule was messed up. So I decided to finish the binding on this quilt and only focus on it. I had other things I wanted to do but the technology demons are still lurking a bit.
I made a video of attaching a binding on a quilt while it is still in the frame. I forgot to turn on the recording at the beginning. I turned the camera on and off so I had many mini videos. Guess I will try another day. Anyway, “Java” is completed and I am moving on to a charity quilt for victims of Hurricane Sandy. Hopefully it will quilt up relatively quickly. Enjoy your weekend and remember to be true to yourself. Keep quilting! Sue