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January 2016


It is hard to believe that 2015 has come and gone in the blink of an eye.  I thought there would at least be 12 months…..oh, wait…..there were and they flew by so fast that I can only hope 2016 will move a little slower.

This is the time of year that we all consider how to make this next year be different in some way.  Some of us have goals.  Some of us have resolutions, some of us make lists, and some of us just hope that this new year brings about some changes of some kind or continuation of things we like that happened last year.

I have never been one to make resolutions, but I do have hopes.  For those of you that know me, I always have HIGH hopes.  I seem to want the moon, but will take a piece of cheese if that is what happens.

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Spring Projects

Scheduling gardening, yard work, and quilting certainly becomes a juggling act at times. My yard is calling to me that it is becoming a hay field while I am quilting in the studio. Thank goodness I am as organized as I am. Nothing would get done if I let my attention drift.

I have completed a couple of projects this last month. I repaired an antique double wedding ring quilt but forgot to take her picture. Too bad. She was gorgeous with a green background and prairie points all around the edges.

I completed this memory quilt for a wonderful woman who lost her mother. I hope this quilt gives her comfort as she shares memories of Grandma with her children. Memory quilts are a fabulous way to use clothing items of the person who passed and create a quilt to wrap around shoulders or lay in a lap and remember!

Karlee's quilt

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Spring Brings Out the Colors

I love spring as the flowers are beginning to have green shoots and the grass is coming alive and not so brown. It certainly is a season to look forward to when it comes to quilting as well.

I have been working on another T-Shirt quilt that turned out very well.


The sashing and border on this quilt really set off the blocks and helped the logos to shine. Two of the center blocks were added from printing pictures and words on fabric. This is a great way to add to the number of logos or to add special sayings or photos.

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Tax Season Always Interrupts My Quilting

It is unbelievable how fast this year is moving. Seems like only yesterday . . . . It also seems that I say that more and more frequently as I age.

I have been very busy during the month of February. Seems like, when it rains, it pours. So I just have to take deep breaths and move forward as best as I can.

As tax season approaches, I am buried in paperwork. I keep thinking that I am more organized this year than last, but I am buried and it needs to be done ASAP. Wish I could just quilt and not be interrupted by such stuff. I am going to try and be even more organized this year. I think I said that last year and here I am once again, complaining. Well, on to the quilting stuff:

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Spring Fever Strikes

Seems like every year at this time, I want to be outside enjoying the nice weather. I am being called to come enjoy the sunshine. The sun is out today, but the forecast is for rain, snow, and more cold weather. I always look at the bright side though. I need to do some spring cleaning, organizing of my studio, organizing of my fabric, and general paper work (tax stuff). Maybe I will enjoy today and tackle things tomorrow.


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T-Shirt Quilt Fixed and Beautiful

Sometimes I get projects from clients that need some tender loving changes to make them into a great quilt. This T-shirt quilt had been started by the girl that is going to receive it for Christmas.

She had cut the logos (roughly) and tried to make a collage out of them. They had been attached to a piece of fleece with yarn. Of course, they were rolling on the edges and the client did not know how to finish the quilt.

I took the logos apart and reframed them with fabric. Some of the logos were cut to close to the edges and I lost part due to the quarter inch seam I needed to add the new fabric. Even when things do not work out as planned, it is still possible to fix them and create a great quilt to snuggle into.

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Keeping Local Connections!

How many of you have a quilt group you meet with regularly? How often do you meet? The importance of having a small group of quilting friends provides many benefits to each of us.

Support is one of the number one reasons many of us join a quilting group. Being able to share ideas and stories with others who have the same passion of quilting keeps us involved in our projects. It is fabulous to be able to bounce ideas off others who may have suggestions for difficult things we encounter on our current quilt project.

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Springtime Is Busy

Springtime is always a renewal time for me. My gardens are begging to be weeded and planted and weeded again.
My flowers are blooming and I want to be outside enjoying them. And my silver maple tree is dumping helicopter seeds everywhere.



Then there is the quilting projects that are also keeping me very busy. I finished this great quilt.

I also completed this beauty as well.



I completed this T-shirt quilt.

I have a memory wedding quilt in the frame, and I stayed up late last night to cut the strips for the memory quilt that is next on my project list.
Springtime is busy! I think I will make a cup of tea and sit by the pond and enjoy the flowers. A needed break will help clear the brain and hopefully rejuvenate my energy. Keep quilting, Sue

The Kitchen Sink

Today was full of things to do, I did not accomplish much. But what is new? It feels wonderful to have my time full. I cannot understand or relate to others who are bored. Not one of those feelings I ever have had.
My darling daughter is an Editorial Assistant for What a great sight to look on line and see her fab face smiling back. Congrats darling!

This is a rag type quilt made out of so many scrap pieces. What a good way for my client to use up that fabric. I love scrap quilts. It it seems like every time I touch my scraps, they multiply like rabbits in heat. I should seriously consider not making scrap quilts, I guess. Any way, thought you might like to see one of the projects in the studio today.



Enjoy these gorgeous days as we move into fall. Sue

Dogs Days of Summer

It is hard to believe that we are in the beginning of August already. What happened to all my time to get things done this summer? It seems that this happens every year about this time. I think about all the things I had planned to do and what is still on the list.
I have been very busy with the gardening, time spent becoming a Master Gardener through the U of I program, basic yard work, organizing (seems like I am always organizing), and quilting, quilting, quilting.

This great quilt was soooo much fun to quilt. It is one that just made me smile as I quilted it. It had fabulous butterflies in the border fabric. I traced one of them as a template and then randomly traced around the template on the quilt top. That gave me a great place to echo quilt as I quilted feathers, swirls, leaves, vines, and butterflies.

20120806-082556.jpg This was such a great top. Great music, great fun top, fabulous thread (thanks to my sister), and away I quilted.

20120806-082846.jpg Free motion quilting unleashes my creativity and just makes me smile. Enjoy the time you have to do the things you like, the things on your to do list will wait until you get to them.