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Friends Forever with a Design or Two

Every day in the studio is so much fun! I have a great window that faces east, so the morning sun greets me each day. I have bird feeders hanging at the window with a huge variety of finches (and other birds) that visit each day.
I also have Mia and Ellie join me just to make sure that I am on task.

20120326-080248.jpg Mia has her own little space so she can sleep or watch the birds.

Ellie is also close but she prefers to sleep at the front door so she can watch for guests.

Cardewyn is my phantom cat. She hides and only hangs out at night with me.

What a way to spend my time. Here are a couple of designs I was playing with as I tried to think about what I would quilt on a T-shirt quilt I have been working on for a client.


This quilt has been a challenge! I hope to have photos of it soon. Enjoy your day and count your blessings. Remember, Quilt is such an important word, it should be capitalized just like a name.

Quilting, Quilting!

What a week it has been. Documenting and labeling my quilts is taking longer than anticipated. I thought I had photographed all my quilts when I find more to photograph.


This is a piece I made several years ago but never quilted it. I decided to quilt it last October, but never put a binding on it. I guess it was time.


One more OMOS (one more on the stack) is completed. Of course, I also decided to finish piecing a top that I had started in February.




This top has some interesting fabric. I want to quilt it right away however, I have some other projects (client quilts) to do.
Speaking of client quilts, here is a darling quilt I just completed.
It was very fun to quilt it. She did a great job on the embroidery. I like it so much that I may just make one for myself. With spring here, my garden is also calling. Whatever will I do to fill my time? Not a problem.




Big and Beautiful

I have been so busy quilting this one that I have not written on my blog for a couple of weeks.

This piece did not fit on my frame so I had to do some special adjustments in order to quilt it.

I quilted and quilted and quilted some more. I guess I am very attached to this one since we spent so much time together.

I have always said that my life is quilted into each quilt, even those of my client’s quilts. When you spend so much time working on something, there is a connection.




I just loved quilting this quilt. I would like the next one to be a bit smaller though.

Well, I hope I can write more frequently now. I just got so involved that I did not even think of writing to you. Look for more to come. I love your support and thank you all.