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Today is a very disorganized day for me. Everything on my schedule was messed up. So I decided to finish the binding on this quilt and only focus on it. I had other things I wanted to do but the technology demons are still lurking a bit.
I made a video of attaching a binding on a quilt while it is still in the frame. I forgot to turn on the recording at the beginning. I turned the camera on and off so I had many mini videos. Guess I will try another day. Anyway, “Java” is completed and I am moving on to a charity quilt for victims of Hurricane Sandy. Hopefully it will quilt up relatively quickly. Enjoy your weekend and remember to be true to yourself. Keep quilting! Sue


Coffee Klatch

Today was an early one! I have a lot of projects to get done and it seems my time moves quickly so I am always trying to catch up.

20121129-093311.jpgThis quilt has very darling coffee fabric. I think I would like some of this fabric. I spent until late last night to get it quilted and out of the frame. Good thing my passion is quilting.

20121129-093432.jpgI used circles and straight lines to compliment the design.

20121129-093547.jpgNow, I need to get the binding attached and then on to the next client quilt.

20121129-093655.jpgRemember to take a breath of fresh air every now and then. Keep quilting! Sue

Atlantis and the Ocean Designs

I have had some life changes of late so I am sorry about the lack of writing the last couple of weeks. I finished this incredible quilt and wanted to share it with you.

20121118-104636.jpgThis quilt is from a BOM class I taught. It is such a great quilt with a unique way of making the curves within the blocks.

20121118-104827.jpgEach block has an ocean name so I wanted to have an ocean theme to the Freemotion quilting design. The colors chosen by my client really added to the great impact of the quilt.

20121118-105104.jpgThis block was great fun to quilt as the fish scales were an easy enhancement.


20121118-105243.jpgI added seaweed, shells, starfish, bubbles, and even a seahorse to enhance this piece. I really am a firm believer that the quilting should enhance not take away from the quilt.

20121118-154747.jpg 20121118-154755.jpg 20121118-154804.jpg 20121118-154812.jpg

I always get so attached to the quilts. I spend time looking at them so they can “talk” to me about how to quilt them. Then I spend time to figure out the logistics of the quilting, and finally I spend the hours quilting them. The connection to the quilt is always a great, enjoyable connection. I know I always say I want to keep the quilt when it is done. Must be because of the connection. Happy quilting! Sue

Quilting Away

Been so busy quilting lately.  Hang in there, pictures to follow.

Family Stuff

Today is a bit on the rainy side. Spent yesterday working in the yard, trying to get things ready for winter. I think it is going to be a long, cold, snowy winter. During October, I quilted and went to Portland instead of taking care of yard stuff. So, here I am, in the yard instead of quilting.

20121101-103720.jpg 20121101-103814.jpg
The colors this fall have certainly been beautiful. Now I just need to stay busy inside with some projects to use those colors.

Thought I would share some family pictures I have not shared with you to give you a smile. When tragedy happens, such as the Hurricane Sandy delivered to the East Coast, pictures keep me close to those I do not get to hug everyday.

20121101-104408.jpg 20121101-104426.jpg 20121101-104444.jpg 20121101-104502.jpg 20121101-104535.jpg 20121101-104659.jpg 20121101-104712.jpg 20121101-104749.jpg Continue to pray for those families that are affected by Hurricane Sandy. Continue to hug your family when you can. If I did not post a picture of you, send me a current picture. Sue