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Life in the Way of Quilting

Sometimes, or maybe most of the time, life tends to take up my quilting time. Lately, I have had to do the yearly “get ready for taxes, organize the paperwork, and get the files together for this new year”. I even had the continual “hunt for lost receipts” time sucker.
I know that I should be quilting. I want to be quilting. I need to be quilting. Life just sneaks in and before I know it, my time is gone and another day has ended.
Other more enjoyable life stuff has taken my quilting time. I went to Bend, Oregon on a quilt shopping/x-country ski trip. I should have stayed home. The thought of missing this adventure jump started me, and so, I had a great time. (Who could turn down shopping at Sew Many Quilts, Quiltworks, or the Stitch n’ Post?). Certainly, not me. I even connected with a great friend while in Sisters, Oregon. I always find it amazing to have those quilters I have known and connected with for over thirty years. It was delightful to see her and share a bit.
The weather was fabulous, the skiing was great, and the shopping? Need I say more!




I also have a pup that is taking up a great amount of quilting time. She is four months old and weighing in at forty pounds. I hope she begins to mellow soon. I am not sure who is more hard headed, Aspen, or me.


Well, I need to start quilting while the pup is asleep. Just wait until I share great finds from the shopping trip!
Keep quilting! And by the way, found this quote I thought was priceless, “That moment when you realize your children have your twisted sense of humor– And you don’t know whether to be proud or scared!”
Thank you for all your great projects for me to quilt. Sue

Fog or Not

Yesterday I awoke with plans of being organized and on task. These actions have seemed to escape from me lately, so I was ready to take on the day. Keep in mind that coffee and reading the daily paper in bed is how I like to start, even when I am ready to take on the day.
My dear sister, Nadine, had a birthday yesterday and called early. I thought it was great timing so I could wish her a Happy Birthday. Then, she invited me to spend the day flying with her and my brother.


Now, I know that this blog is supposed to be about quilting. Sometimes I just need to share adventures that help to fill my creative thoughts with color, shape, and movement.
I drove to the airport and slipped in under the bank of fog. It is tough leaving crystal blue skies that have not been present for about a month now. Boarding the plane is always a rush, as I love to fly and see the gorgeous country we have. I am always so thankful and excited when I get the opportunity to fly.
Just as I had slipped in under the bank of fog, the plane slipped out back into a blue, blue expanse that took my breath away.


We stopped in McCall to gather another dear friend and continued to fly north to the canyon of the great Snake River. No snow, no ice, no cold winter wind, just blue skies and warm sunshine.


With Dug Bar Ranch as our destination, I was able to sit back and enjoy the beautiful rock formations that surrounded us. It is always awe inspiring to see what this great state has that many never see.


As we approached the landing strip, several other planes awaited with laughs, smiles, handshakes, a bonfire and food. A select few were able to experience the great day as well.

There is an abandon ranch that I explored and it gave me inspiration with form, color, shadows and lines. Maybe a great quilt will come out of the day.




Sometimes it is the little things in life that bring thought and inspiration and sometimes it is the adventures that give pause to my thoughts. Regardless, I am blessed and thankful for both. I have needed the color of the crystal blue sky, the snow on the high mountains, the rock formations with the subtle green shades as well as the grays of shadows, and the lines and shadows of buildings to spark the creative flow that has been buried the past few months. Thank you so much to my family. You are always there to help, even when you do not realize I need a jolt of life.
I hope you do not mind the lack of quilts in this writing today. But maybe it will inspire you to take creativity from something other than just your fabric. Keep quilting. Sue

Schedules Lost in Mounds of Tasks

This is how my yard looked at the beginning of the week.


Now keep in mind that I am keeping a shoveled driveway and sidewalks. I am definitely getting my daily and sometimes twice daily workout. However, today it is going to be in the mid forties and I am slogging through the mud in my backyard to feed my critters. Thank goodness my daughter has always said “It is all about the shoes!”. Thank goodness I have listened and have snow boots, rain boots, and mud boots.



My darling pup, Aspen, is getting very big. She is that strong willed toddler that is into everything. The child locks were installed last night so she can no longer get into the kitchen cabinets. She thinks her job is to strip the lower leaves off my house plants. She even thinks bobbins are her personal play toys.

I am currently working on four lap quilts that are Memory Quilts. The family member passed away and these quilts are being made from that person’s shirts. It is a great way to wrap up in the warmth of someone who was dear to your heart. It is also a challenge for me to take what I am given and make something beautiful out of it. That is how my life has been. I have always taken what I have been given and tried to meet that challenge. It unleashes my creativity, gives me purpose, and keeps those idle hands busy. Many times it would have been easier in life to not work so hard at my challenges, but then I would not be who I am. I hope to have quilts in my next blog, at least once I stick my head out from under the end of the year tax paperwork. Keep quilting, I am ready for that surface design on your quilt tops. Sue