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Busy, Busy July

July has been a very full month. I am very blessed to have the family I do. It has given me opportunities with them to see and do many things I would not otherwise experience. I know that this blog is about quilting, but sometimes I get to write about my adventures and share them with you.

I was very excited to take a trip with my brother and his wife. They are both pilots so our adventures together are always fabulous. We flew to Sulfur Creek Lodge for breakfast on the start of our adventure.


Breakfast was great on a gorgeous day with even better company! After starting our day there, we flew to Warren, Idaho. Getting in the Toyota and loading up good friends and drinks, we headed to the Hettinger Ranch for a great ride and a day playing in the Salmon River. Laughs, smiles, conversation, and time spent with those you care about certainly makes for a good day in July.


Waking up the next morning bright and early, we flew to Glacier National Park. The sun was shining and the peaks were at their finest as we flew around them for that up close and personal experience.


After landing at Ryan field, we loaded into the rental car and began our adventure through the park. The last time I was here was a very special, emotional time for me so it was a little tough to return. But we had such a great time, I was excited to return. We drove the Road to the Sun, took pictures of the beautiful park, hiked on a few trails, saw great waterfalls, and just enjoyed the sunny day.






We ate dinner in Whitefish and camped for the night. After the fog lifted the next morning, we flew back to Warren for the town BBQ and fireworks. Unbelievable trip!!!
I have been quilting, doing yard work, quilting and doing yard work for most of the month. It is keeping my body and mind busy as I spend time thinking about where I have been in my life and where I am going. Funny how life changes when you least expect it. Being in Glacier brought back a huge number of memories that I need to now put away and not remember for a while. Quilting for me helps with this. I absolutely love to put the music on loud and get lost in the piece I am working on. So . . . . . .here is the next piece I am starting.

I can hardly wait to get it in the frame and quilt it. Thank goodness I am blessed with family, friends, gardens, and quilting. Makes for a peaceful, calm, good life.
My sister had a birthday this month and I spent a great time visiting and eating very good food. She should have a birthday every month so I get to enjoy evenings with great people and great food. Happy Birthday month, Trin.

My daughter and her boyfriend came for a great weekend to celebrate her birthday. I have missed them so much. It did my heart good to be able to see them and spend time visiting and hugging and hugging.

We spent time eating good food, celebrating her birthday (for the entire weekend), and playing in the pool while it was hundred degree weather here.

I am so blessed to have such wonderful children!

I wish it was her birthday every weekend so we could spend it together. Needless to say, I cried when they were dropped off at the airport.
I also just spent a great weekend with my darling grandson. We spent yesterday swimming in the most amazing saltwater pool and enjoying the most beautifully landscaped yard.


He loves sleepovers and time with his best friend Aspen.


I will continue to truly count my blessings and know that my life is good and full. So now it is time to get busy quilting. Keep watching for the finished piece. It will be amazing.



Never Idle Hands

I can not believe that it is the middle of July already. I thought I had a lot more time to get the things done that are on my To Do List. It appears that I am moving much slower than I thought I was. Anyway, I have been working between the yard and quilting almost everyday. Yesterday I spent a huge amount of time in the yard, only to have a storm last night that brought down a lot of branches. It did not look like I had done much in the yard at all. Such is life. Here are a couple of Garden Room pictures.



I am working on two client pieces this month. I am making a custom Levi quilt. It is turning out much nicer than you would think. I hope to have pictures soon. I also have this piece in the long arm.

Well, as I have always heard, idle hands get you in trouble, so I am staying out of trouble, no chaos, just busy hands, clear mind, and loving what I do: gardening and quilting. Life is good. Keep busy and keep quilting. Sue

We Remember Moments

Life is full of moments that we remember. Places we discovered, times with friends and family, favorite foods and gatherings, traditions we keep from generations past, are all part of those moments that we share and remember.

When a loved one passes, it is difficult at best to get through the hours and days. The memories we hold, the laughter and good times we remember, help with the loss. I want to share a way that I try to help those that have had a loss. I make Memory Quilts. These are quilts that are made from the garments of the loved one.


Photos sometimes help. This is a picture of my daughter with her grandmother. It is great to have the photo, but I wish I had made a quilt so my daughter could wrap up in it. That is what started me on this journey for others.

Here is a fabulous quilt that I have just finished.


They had wanted something with squares, so I wanted to make sure it was pleasing. I also wanted to be able to have them pick out different fabrics and remember the shirt or blouse it came from, one she wore at different times, so they could bring up those memories.

This quilt went together so nicely. It was though I had formed a bond with her as I cut and pieced her garments. She liked butterflies, so I quilted it with a great butterfly pattern.

I love the challenge of creating a quilt from items that are dear to a family. It is like a surprise to open up the box and see what I have to work with and what will be a lasting quilt full of memories and love.

I know her spirit will be there as the warmth of her love surrounds them and her quilt wraps them up and gives them peace.


Time flies and moments are gone in a flash, remember those good moments and times.

Always, Sue