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Busy, Busy July

July has been a very full month. I am very blessed to have the family I do. It has given me opportunities with them to see and do many things I would not otherwise experience. I know that this blog is about quilting, but sometimes I get to write about my adventures and share them with you.

I was very excited to take a trip with my brother and his wife. They are both pilots so our adventures together are always fabulous. We flew to Sulfur Creek Lodge for breakfast on the start of our adventure.



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Never Idle Hands

I can not believe that it is the middle of July already. I thought I had a lot more time to get the things done that are on my To Do List. It appears that I am moving much slower than I thought I was. Anyway, I have been working between the yard and quilting almost everyday. Yesterday I spent a huge amount of time in the yard, only to have a storm last night that brought down a lot of branches. It did not look like I had done much in the yard at all. Such is life. Here are a couple of Garden Room pictures.


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We Remember Moments

Life is full of moments that we remember. Places we discovered, times with friends and family, favorite foods and gatherings, traditions we keep from generations past, are all part of those moments that we share and remember.

When a loved one passes, it is difficult at best to get through the hours and days. The memories we hold, the laughter and good times we remember, help with the loss. I want to share a way that I try to help those that have had a loss. I make Memory Quilts. These are quilts that are made from the garments of the loved one.

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