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August? Where Does Summer Go?

Seems like everyone was complaining about how cold it was and then the heat sweltered all of us! It left me waving that fan and not really wanting to do much outside. But my garden seems to have loved the heat and now it is the deluge of zuchini for each and everyone of us.

I have not wanted to do much quilting but have been diligent in my quest to complete the projects for my clients. There are many so I am working away and am very inspired by each of them. There are only a couple of photos this time, but I promise to have more as projects progress.

This quilt is currently in the frame. I have designed a fantastic quilting design and am about half way finished with the quilt. I am using a double batt so the designs really pop on this one. I did forget to take photos of work in progress for this post so will add those soon.

This is a fantastic bike that someone built. My son does custom bike work and I would love to have him make this for me. It is just plain awesome. I even have a friend who would donate the sewing machine. Maybe it could be my Xmas present!!!!!!
I never seem to be able to work on just one project at a time. So I am finishing up a great Levi quilt. Pictures will soon be posted, I promise. And I am working on a Double Wedding Ring quilt. I have a client who wanted one, and I have a great friend that wanted to make one out of Batik fabric. We are getting together to work on them and motivate each other. What a great way to spend time with someone and accomplish something!!!
I hope to have some pictures for you soon and keep you updated on the projects as I have been.
Oh, by the way, I can never just be still so I am getting ready to recover my sofa and chair, have my deck replaced, maybe new carpeting, and tearing the ugly wallpaper off my walls in one room. No rest for me of late!!! All of this was to be done by the end of summer. Summer just flies by and before we know it, Autumn will be surrounding us with those fabulous colors. Stay cool and
Keep quilting,