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End of Summer with Winter Around the Corner

I have been running so fast that I think I catch sight of my backside now and then. With the change in weather this last week, I am glimpsing winter and haven’t even seen fall yet. Must be the pull of the moon or just that the end of summer is filled with tasks to keep me busy.

Busy is my middle name now. I just realized that September only had one blog from me. Either that is a good thing or a bad thing, depending on your point of view. I really want to blog more frequently, though. So, as we approach the end of September, I thought I should have at least one more blog writing for this month.

I just finished a darling custom quilt for a darling client. This quilt is a gift from a group of friends. They each embroidered a block and I received the blocks and fabric to make the quilt.

Danielle quilt

I loved quilting around the blocks to add a bit of texture to the embroidery. Danielle quilt detail

This weekend is the quilt show for Boise Basin Quilters Guild. My sister and I are sharing a vendor booth this year. We spent the afternoon getting ready for the opening of the show tomorrow, September 28, 2013. After our hard work, I think our booth looks great. Hopefully, I will be able to share pictures tomorrow of the booth and maybe even great quilts in a great show!

This has been a very sad week for me as well. My darling, sweet pea, Aspen, was frightened and ran away in the mountains. I have flyers and ads every where to try and find her. Please send energy and prayers to have her returned home to me. I am so sad without her!! Aspen

Until next time, keep quilting and thank you for all your love and support!


Traveling Trixie

I have been very busy with quilting, yard work, quilting, gardening, quilting, and Traveling Trixie.



I purchased her right before I went on vacation with my children to the Oregon coast. Oh yeah, I had a vacation in there as well.
I just took her out for the weekend for her maiden voyage. It was such great fun!! I hope to share many of our adventures together with you in the coming months. She needs a little TLC but she found the right home for that to happen.


Here are some great custom designs on a quilt I finished. It was so much fun to quilt!!! Wish I could have kept this one!! Guess I will need to make one of my own.








I had better get busy quilting again. I plan to write more this month as I should be more productive. I will end with a great picture taken in a gallery that has my son’s pieces on display.

Always remember who you are and where you came from. Keep quilting, Sue.