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Halloween Already?

October has been such a busy month for me. I took Traveling Trixie out for her last trip this month. I am very sad to have to unload my vintage trailer and store her belongings for the winter. She is going to be undergoing a renovation this winter so I am ready to begin that process.

I also turned another year older this month. I think that I am getting better and better each year. I hope those friends and acquaintances continue to keep in contact with me during this next year so we can have a huge celebration for one of those big birthday years coming up.

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Keeping Quilting As A Focus

I definitely am passionate about the quilting world, but sometimes lose focus as I see fabric, kits, and patterns that are such eye candy. I seem to get that fever of “isn’t that just too cute?”, or “that would be so easy or quick to make” or even “what a great present for (name of someone dear to my heart)”.

I am thinking that the problem is the lack of focus or as I like to call it, “my eyes are bigger than my time”. I probably really need to look at time management so I am more on task with daily activities. I might have more time to work on quilting projects just for me if I was a bit better at taking on fewer things. Unfortunately, at my age, I do not think there is much hope for change. I am not going to give up though. I would like to try and utilize this fall season as a time to get ready for a new year coming. Look out projects! I intend to finish most of you.

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