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Keeping Local Connections!

How many of you have a quilt group you meet with regularly? How often do you meet? The importance of having a small group of quilting friends provides many benefits to each of us.

Support is one of the number one reasons many of us join a quilting group. Being able to share ideas and stories with others who have the same passion of quilting keeps us involved in our projects. It is fabulous to be able to bounce ideas off others who may have suggestions for difficult things we encounter on our current quilt project.

Friendship is another reason to join a quilt group. The connection with others who share our same interests helps us build a network of friends. Many quilters have a connection to others that they would not have otherwise. The quilting world is a huge, diverse group. We can truly be enriched by our friendships.

Ideas abound as individuals share thought and ask questions about quilts they are making. Patterns, fabric, color combinations, gadgets and tools are all shared at various times in a group gathering.

I have more than one group that I attend. Seems that I have a passion when it comes to quilting. My life is truly enriched by these connections! Think about joining a group if you have not already done so. It will provide more benefits than you can count.

Last night I shared two client quilts that I have been working on lately. The first one is a T-Shirt quilt for a husband. He is currently looking for various shirts in his drawers and closets, but he will not find them as they are in a quilt at my house.

firefighter t-shirt quilt

It came out of the quilting frame late last night. I will show additional pictures as soon as I get the binding in place.

I also am getting ready to bind a king size memory quilt. It turned out simply beautiful. I will be sharing it in the next blog post.

May you connect with many other quilters and enrich your life.