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New Year Quilt

January is always a non-productive month as the Holidays zap your energy. I am not usually productive during this month, but this year is definitely different. I do not have a lot of energy, but I am working away at my passion, quilting.

I am working on a Double Wedding Ring for a client, a Mystery quilt for me (I do not usually take time to do something just for me), a Memory quilt for a client, and two quilts for my children, and the art piece for Flying M’s Valentine’s For Aids event. I am excited to have completed this Memory quilt so early in the new year.

This piece is for a husband whose wife passed suddenly. The wound left is great. His daughter gathered her mother’s garments, picked out the quilt pattern, the border fabrics, the backing fabric, and the quilting design. I took it from there.

It is always interesting to open the bag or box and see what garments you have to work with for the Memory Quilt. It is not like going to the store and picking out what fabric you will use for your next project. It is a challenge and it is a way to stretch and grow with your creativity. I do not usually have the client pick out the specific pattern. It seems easier for the garments (fabric) to “speak” to me about how they want to go together.

A Memory quilt is a way to have that loved ones arms around you as you wrap up in the warmth of the quilt. Each fabric can trigger fond memories of times gone by. It can help with the healing of a wound as it provides such calmness and peace as quilts can do.

I am so glad that this year is starting out productively. I love the process and time I spend with each piece. It is always a good day to quilt and enjoy each breath you take. Be thankful for all your blessings. We each have many, sometimes we just need to stop and reflect. Anyway, I will stop chit chatting and share this great Memory Quilt!!! Sue




Starting the New Year Right

I decided that I needed to change the quilt on my bed for the new year. This is a quilt that I made a while ago. I actually made two of them, one for my sister and one for me. It is a BIG, bright, beautiful one.



I just finished working on this Memory Quilt for a client. She provided photos of her grandmother’s grandchildren. I used Printed Treasures photo fabric to print as it is pre-treated and colorfast.


I am currently working on a Memory quilt that is a bit larger than a lap size, and of course, I can never do just one thing. I am also working on a Mystery quilt with a friend. It is so much fun, but a lot of work. I decided to make a king size. Now that is a leap of faith – mystery and huge.


Funny how every year at this time, we all think of organizing, cleaning, and purging our material things. This year, my approach is different as I am going to concentrate on my thoughts and processes instead of my physical stuff. I need to play more, laugh more, travel more, and quilt more. I need to be more organized in my thought processes so I do not revisit things many times. I want to spend time in places I love, but I also want to visit new places. Seconds, minutes, hours, days all count this New Year. I am ready for the challenge.

Speaking of challenge: I have been invited to submit an art piece to the Flying M’s 21st year of Valentines For Aids. I have until January 27th to produce a small piece for the silent auction. I am extremely excited to have a challenge, to be invited, and to work on yet another quilt. Guess this New Year is going to be great, filled with fabrics and quilts! I cannot think of a better way to spend the year.

I wish you a Happy New Year! May you make many quilts and begin to use up your collection of fabrics.