Summer Filled Quilting Projects

 I have been sew busy quilting that I have not posted in a while. The saying “the hurrier I go, the behinder I get” seems to match my summer. I have been very focused on getting quilting pieces completed for my clients but sometimes it seems that I am not making progress. It is always nice to look back at some of the quilts I have completed. Enjoy the show!


Here are a couple of the details from the darling snowman quilt.

This wall hanging was commissioned using antique appliqué blocks. The detail pictures below show how nicely it turned out.

This blue and white quilt was one of my favorite client pieces this summer.


I made this Levi quilt for a repeat client. I like to work with the varied shades from the Levi pants.

I loved the colors and movement this piece presented.  

I have been able to be very creative this summer with my quilting. It helps to have great pieces to work with each day.

A little flower garden to “grow” is always a visual treat.


This was my Valentines For Aids auction piece this year.  

Loved being able to be very inspired with this great quilt.

Here is the quilting on the back side of the quilt.

This cute snowman quilt just made me smile.

This quilt was very large and took a bit of time to finish.

Having a small piece made me think I was catching up on my client quilts.  

My dear friend and I each did this embroidery piece to learn how to use our machines. She finished hers and I quilted it. Mine is not finished yet.

The following pieces continued to keep me busy this summer as I quilted, quilted, and quilted some more.


I also managed to make and quilt this commissioned Double Wedding Ring quilt. It took hours and hours to piece and then the quilting was not a fast work either.

I am still trying to stay focused and get these client quilts finished before the Holidays hit!  Anyway, I had better get back to work. I hope you enjoyed the mini quilt show!  Stay turned for more to come.


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