Jake’s Quilt Today

Today started with lists, lists, lists of things that need to be taken care of, so, I went directly to the studio to quilt!  It is amazing how I can get carried away when I am at the frame and loving the design of the quilt as well as the design of the quilting.  Black and Red Quilt for JakeI could just quilt all the time (actually, I do spend most of my time longarm quilting, unless I am making T-Shirt quilts).

This quilt has been such a fun one to quilt.  This piece lends itself to stitch in the ditch to highlight the diagonal design.  Stitch in the ditch really stablizes the quilt, and also adds great dimension and style.  It was important to have good piecing and borders that were straight and not wavy. 

 If your borders are not applied correctly, it makes it more difficult to quilt your quilt and have it straight when it is finished.  I have always said that the better the top, the easier it is to quilt and the possiblity of a straight quilt after it is quilted is huge. 

Each of the triangles has a curved design that highlights the design as well.  I used several blacks and reds in this piece and each also adds a nice visual impact.  I wish this was a quilt I could keep as it has such a striking, visual design to it.  I probably should have made two of them, one for Jake and one for myself. 

Quilting detail on Jake's quilt

This is a detail of the quilting in the triangles of each block.  the picture below also shows another detail of the swirl design.  It really adds nice dimension to the quilt.Swirl quilting design 


I have a few pictures of the quilt in the longarm frame as well.  I am soooooo close to finishing it.  My hope is to spend most of the day quilting and be able to take it out of the frame by late afternoon.    Making the binding and getting it bound will be on the agenda for tomorrow. 









 Red and black quilt for Jake

By staying focused on my schedule, I should be able to finish this quilt and be ready for the next client quilt this week.  As I said yesterday, with a little help from Staples, I am definitely ready to really be organized.

I laugh as I type this.  I am one of those very organized people to begin with.  In fact, if I were more organized, you might think I designed organizers instead of longarm quilting. 

Red and Black Quilt in the frameI also spent part of my day making a list of items that need to be taken care of soon.  I said that I needed to have goals for this new year and I am not dragging my feet on this one.  I forget some of my goals too quickly so I have to act fast and get things on paper.  It does not mean that I will accomplish all of them, but I do not like having something that needed done to slip throught the cracks.

I found a notebook with quotes I have collected through the years.  They are great to use on labels for those special quilts.  I will leave you with one for today, “We don’t know the days that will change our lives.  Probably just as well.”  I do not know the author of this one either.  If you do, let me know so I can give credit.

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