Spring Fever Strikes

Seems like every year at this time, I want to be outside enjoying the nice weather. I am being called to come enjoy the sunshine. The sun is out today, but the forecast is for rain, snow, and more cold weather. I always look at the bright side though. I need to do some spring cleaning, organizing of my studio, organizing of my fabric, and general paper work (tax stuff). Maybe I will enjoy today and tackle things tomorrow.



My art piece for the Flying M’s Valentines for Aids event raised some money! I am not sure how much but any amount certainly helps.

I am going to be a guest blogger for the APQS blog this next couple of weeks. I am very excited to be able to do this. It is going to be an article about how to decide what to quilt on a quilt. Wow! Just how do I explain that so it sounds good to the reader? I am currently working on it and will let you know when it is published and where.

I have been very busy working on two Tshirt quilts and a Memory quilt.

This is one that I am working on today. I still need to add a border to it and get it quilted. I am also putting the binding on the other one but forgot to take a picture. Guess I really need to be outside. So, I will give you more pictures when the day is not so nice.

Call if you need to get on my schedule. I am really beginning to fill up and I know I need to build gardening time into my schedule.. Are your crocus up yet? I am going to look for mine…….

Be thankful for all your blessings!



New Year Quilt

January is always a non-productive month as the Holidays zap your energy. I am not usually productive during this month, but this year is definitely different. I do not have a lot of energy, but I am working away at my passion, quilting.

I am working on a Double Wedding Ring for a client, a Mystery quilt for me (I do not usually take time to do something just for me), a Memory quilt for a client, and two quilts for my children, and the art piece for Flying M’s Valentine’s For Aids event. I am excited to have completed this Memory quilt so early in the new year.

This piece is for a husband whose wife passed suddenly. The wound left is great. His daughter gathered her mother’s garments, picked out the quilt pattern, the border fabrics, the backing fabric, and the quilting design. I took it from there.

It is always interesting to open the bag or box and see what garments you have to work with for the Memory Quilt. It is not like going to the store and picking out what fabric you will use for your next project. It is a challenge and it is a way to stretch and grow with your creativity. I do not usually have the client pick out the specific pattern. It seems easier for the garments (fabric) to “speak” to me about how they want to go together.

A Memory quilt is a way to have that loved ones arms around you as you wrap up in the warmth of the quilt. Each fabric can trigger fond memories of times gone by. It can help with the healing of a wound as it provides such calmness and peace as quilts can do.

I am so glad that this year is starting out productively. I love the process and time I spend with each piece. It is always a good day to quilt and enjoy each breath you take. Be thankful for all your blessings. We each have many, sometimes we just need to stop and reflect. Anyway, I will stop chit chatting and share this great Memory Quilt!!! Sue




Starting the New Year Right

I decided that I needed to change the quilt on my bed for the new year. This is a quilt that I made a while ago. I actually made two of them, one for my sister and one for me. It is a BIG, bright, beautiful one.



I just finished working on this Memory Quilt for a client. She provided photos of her grandmother’s grandchildren. I used Printed Treasures photo fabric to print as it is pre-treated and colorfast.


I am currently working on a Memory quilt that is a bit larger than a lap size, and of course, I can never do just one thing. I am also working on a Mystery quilt with a friend. It is so much fun, but a lot of work. I decided to make a king size. Now that is a leap of faith – mystery and huge.


Funny how every year at this time, we all think of organizing, cleaning, and purging our material things. This year, my approach is different as I am going to concentrate on my thoughts and processes instead of my physical stuff. I need to play more, laugh more, travel more, and quilt more. I need to be more organized in my thought processes so I do not revisit things many times. I want to spend time in places I love, but I also want to visit new places. Seconds, minutes, hours, days all count this New Year. I am ready for the challenge.

Speaking of challenge: I have been invited to submit an art piece to the Flying M’s 21st year of Valentines For Aids. I have until January 27th to produce a small piece for the silent auction. I am extremely excited to have a challenge, to be invited, and to work on yet another quilt. Guess this New Year is going to be great, filled with fabrics and quilts! I cannot think of a better way to spend the year.

I wish you a Happy New Year! May you make many quilts and begin to use up your collection of fabrics.


Happy Holidays

It is difficult to think that another year is passing. Thinking back over this last year, I have realized the many blessings I have.
Christmas always helps with the feeling of blessings as family and friends connect. Despite all the rushing around and full schedules, the holidays arrive whether we are ready or not. The most common question I hear is: “Are you ready for Christmas?” The question should be: “Are you ready to share your love and realize your blessings?” Everyone says it is not the gifts and yet we spend how much time and money for gifts?? I am so a part of this. I think I will try to rethink this for next year.
I know this blog is supposed to be about my quilting world so I thank you for your patience when I get off track. Thank you to all my clients for the opportunity to share my part in great quilts this year. Be sure to connect with me for a place on next years’ schedule. Remember, January is just in a couple of days.
Aspen and I wish you a merry Christmas, eh.


T-Shirt Quilt Fixed and Beautiful

Sometimes I get projects from clients that need some tender loving changes to make them into a great quilt. This T-shirt quilt had been started by the girl that is going to receive it for Christmas.

She had cut the logos (roughly) and tried to make a collage out of them. They had been attached to a piece of fleece with yarn. Of course, they were rolling on the edges and the client did not know how to finish the quilt.

I took the logos apart and reframed them with fabric. Some of the logos were cut to close to the edges and I lost part due to the quarter inch seam I needed to add the new fabric. Even when things do not work out as planned, it is still possible to fix them and create a great quilt to snuggle into.

Speaking of snuggling, my other helping hand insisted we snuggle just a bit before I could finish this post.

Loaded into the frame and Crystal Rose (my APQS Millenium) and I have begun the quilting.

Crystal Rose the great machine

Here are a few closeups of the quilting on this t-shirt quilt.


So here is the finished quilt. It has been transformed into a lap quilt out of the logos that had started their journey differently. Once again, this is a finished piece and is ready to go to the client.

T-Shirt quilt

Do you have any t-shirts that need to be transformed? Are your drawers filled with t-shirts that you have collected from different events or activities you participated in during your past? If so, consider contacting me and let’s see what we can make so those t-shirts are being used and so you have more space.


Applique Quilt For Christmas

Mia helping

It does not matter if I am designing, piecing, or longarm quilting, my shadow, Mia, is always around to lend a helping hand. She loves the sewing room and she loves the studio even more. She has a special bed in the studio and one in the sewing room so she can enjoy the day with fabric. How many of you love fabric? That will definitely be another post for the future.

This darling applique quilt top was brought to me to be longarm quilted. It was so fun to swirl snow throughout the blocks and give a bit of movement to the piece. Each of the blocks were made by a different person in a small group, and then one quilter received these blocks and put them together into a quilt. I loved the detail and fancy that was added to the blocks. Just makes me smile. Here is another example of the connections in the quilting world that keep us motivated and inspired to make beautiful quilts with and for each other. Hang on to those quilting companions! They truly are invaluable.

Elaine's applique

Angel block

Angel block 2

It feels great to have another quilt longarm quilted and off to the client. I know she will love having this during the Holiday season.

Elaine's Applique Quilt

I am working on my photo taking skills and hope that you forgive some of the pictures. In my excitement, I sometimes do not pay attention as I should. Anyway, another darling project completed!! Hope you take time to rest and relax during this busy season. I on the other hand am off to work on another project!


Quilting in December

Laurel and Doug's Memory Quilt

Laurel and Doug’s Memory Quilt

The end of November and the month of December is always very busy. I am trying to complete many quilts for the Holiday season and sometimes those quilts take on a life of their own. Some take longer than I expect and others just come together as if they can hardly wait to be made.

This is a Memory Quilt that I made from shirts that belonged to a husband. They were some of the most beautiful shirts I have ever worked with when making a Memory Quilt. The fabric had fabulous patterns and colors that just sang to me.

I had previously shown you the pile of cut pieces I had been working with on this quilt.

This was one of those quilts that just seemed to be vibrant and wanting to be made. I know that sounds funny to some, but my passion for quilting shows me that quilts “talk to me”. They tell me what they want or need as I continue to work on them. It is the fabric that works this way or that to come together in a beautiful quilt. In this case, there are many memories that are held in the fabric pieces.

I know that as she sits in a room lit by candles, special music playing, a nice glass of wine, wrapped up in a quilt made from her husband’s shirts, she will remember many, many good memories of their time together. She can “feel” his arms wrapped around her as she snuggles into the quilt. What a special gift to have at the Holiday season when memories are already swirling around us.

She picked the pattern and it was absolutely perfect. This quilt truly “talked to me”. The joy I had during the process of making such a gift was immense. I know that this is a quilt that will be treasured for many, many years.

Laurel and Doug's Memory Quilt

Laurel and Doug’s Memory Quilt

As I have time, I will try to have more eye candy for you with the pieces I have been completing. This season can be such a hectic time. Take a breath and remember the memories and loved ones you have. That is far more important than getting all the “stuff” done in a short amount of time. Spending time with loved ones means more. That will be the memories you hold.


November Was A Month!

I feel terrible that I have not posted more than once during the month of November. I do know that many of you are so busy that having another email at this time of year can be just the thing that toppled the stack of fabric in your to do pile. Since that pile can be huge, whenever possible, do not let it topple. It can be a huge mess stacking it back up. (Ha,ha.)

I usually hate excuses, but I think this month was a bit unusual for the things that kept me from posting. The biggest reason was that I have been in a black, hole cavern as far as technology is concerned.

After two new routers, many tech support calls to my service provider, and two printers biting the dust, I finally had internet service. However, my IPhone decided that it would randomly choose which photos it liked (regardless of the ones I had taken) and would only send certain photos to the ICloud. Apple support and ICloud support keep telling me that the phone can not choose which photos it likes and which ones it does not like, but the problem remains that only some photos go to “the cloud”.

It is extremely difficult to write a post when photos are not available. So I have been holding off until the problem is fixed. After fifteen days of three to four hours with tech support, my problem remains: only some photos go to the cloud. It is very difficult to write a post with no photos available.

Anyway, I also have been quilting, quilting on many projects for clients for Christmas gifts. I am hopeful I will be able to share these with you during the next couple of days. Please forgive me for not including photos in this post, but I am positive I will have great eye candy for you in the next post.

Remember that this time of year is for love, not rushing around. Breathe and love and be thankful for all your blessings.


Keeping Local Connections!

How many of you have a quilt group you meet with regularly? How often do you meet? The importance of having a small group of quilting friends provides many benefits to each of us.

Support is one of the number one reasons many of us join a quilting group. Being able to share ideas and stories with others who have the same passion of quilting keeps us involved in our projects. It is fabulous to be able to bounce ideas off others who may have suggestions for difficult things we encounter on our current quilt project.

Friendship is another reason to join a quilt group. The connection with others who share our same interests helps us build a network of friends. Many quilters have a connection to others that they would not have otherwise. The quilting world is a huge, diverse group. We can truly be enriched by our friendships.

Ideas abound as individuals share thought and ask questions about quilts they are making. Patterns, fabric, color combinations, gadgets and tools are all shared at various times in a group gathering.

I have more than one group that I attend. Seems that I have a passion when it comes to quilting. My life is truly enriched by these connections! Think about joining a group if you have not already done so. It will provide more benefits than you can count.

Last night I shared two client quilts that I have been working on lately. The first one is a T-Shirt quilt for a husband. He is currently looking for various shirts in his drawers and closets, but he will not find them as they are in a quilt at my house.

firefighter t-shirt quilt

It came out of the quilting frame late last night. I will show additional pictures as soon as I get the binding in place.

I also am getting ready to bind a king size memory quilt. It turned out simply beautiful. I will be sharing it in the next blog post.

May you connect with many other quilters and enrich your life.


Halloween Already?

October has been such a busy month for me. I took Traveling Trixie out for her last trip this month. I am very sad to have to unload my vintage trailer and store her belongings for the winter. She is going to be undergoing a renovation this winter so I am ready to begin that process.

I also turned another year older this month. I think that I am getting better and better each year. I hope those friends and acquaintances continue to keep in contact with me during this next year so we can have a huge celebration for one of those big birthday years coming up.

My darling sweet pea of a dog was lost for two and half weeks in the wilderness. Who knows what adventures she had. I am so thankful to have her return to me. Thank you to my friends for their help.

I was able to spend time with Claudia Pfeil and my sister in Portland this month. Wow, Wow, WOW is all I can say! They gave me a great surprise party. I loved her class the best!

My pup and her sister (Aspen and Juniper) turned one year old this month. I think they are just darling!

I have been working on a king size memory quilt. More pictures to follow in the next post.

Hard to believe that we are approaching the Holiday season. Keep an eye out for those little monsters tonight and be glad you have chocolate in the house.