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April Update

I have not written lately and have a thousand reasons why! Seems that my goals for the year have partly been put on hold. My choices of priorities have gotten in the way of some of my goals. My choices though.

I have been spending time redoing my raised bed area by the sewing cottage. (Her name is Ruby Jane’s Cottage). The entire previous area where the cottage now sits used to be my garden area. Since gardening is also in my blood, I have been developing that area.

I decided to start my garden seeds again this year. First time in about five years.

I have started getting weekly fruits and veggies to improve my eating habits. I get them from Bountiful Baskets, a huge amount for next to nothing.

This has started me dehydrating fruits again! Apples, bananas, and pineapples are at the top of my list right now.

With Ruby Jane finally getting finished, I needed to take some time to move into her space with all of my sewing items.

My girls are never far away!

I have been working on the yard to get it ready for spring and summer. I need to have it ready so when I decide to travel, everything is taken care of and I can go without worry.

I needed to go to LA this March. My daughter had surgery and I flew down to help her and her husband as much as I could.

She is doing much better finally and I am so thankful! It is very difficult when your child is in pain and you cannot take it away.

I have been teaching at Cindy’s Quilt Shop so that is one of my goals I am obtaining. I hope to continue to teach as I enjoy it tremendously.

I will end this post with the last quilt I completed.

Hopefully my photos will continue to get better. At least this one does not have the tips of my shoes. Take care and love each other. To love is one of those blessings available to each of us.


End of Graduation Season

The tshirt graduation season is coming to a close.  It
was a very long season this year and I was productive with all the Quilts I completed since January.  Previous posts show some of the Quilts completed.

Each of of them were very different but all were based on a grid system with each block being the same size.  Some blocks contained more than one logo.  This is the last of them!

Whew!  Now I should have time for everything else piling up.  Seems that this time of year is so busy!  I am always saying that I will not fall behind, however, I am on the same swift river as years before.



Speaking of rivers, we are having an issue with flooding this year.  I needed to get a breath of fresh air so we took a drive up to a small town called Pine, Idaho.

I am so sorry for their flooding difficulties.  Past forest fire issues and now flooding,I hope this tragic situation passes quickly.






























The list is long as I move on to the next few projects.  I have been organizing my fabric, cutting and sorting scraps, going through the holding bay (garage area where I have stored my quilting supplies), moved fabric to a storage facility so that the holding bay will be cleaned and everything is in order for the building of the Sewing Cottage.

Of course, I am still quilting so should have some photos available soon on the progress of my projects and of the building of the Sewing Cottage.

My next few writings will be about my thoughts of scrap fabric, scrap Quilts, and organizing those scraps.  Hopefully I will be able to shed some light on this as we all deal with unless we just throw leftover fabric in the garbage bin ( wow, what a terrible image)!

Anyway, glad to have shared a bit with you today and hope to stay in touch.

Remember to to count your blessings!











January 2016


It is hard to believe that 2015 has come and gone in the blink of an eye.  I thought there would at least be 12 months…..oh, wait…..there were and they flew by so fast that I can only hope 2016 will move a little slower.

This is the time of year that we all consider how to make this next year be different in some way.  Some of us have goals.  Some of us have resolutions, some of us make lists, and some of us just hope that this new year brings about some changes of some kind or continuation of things we like that happened last year.

I have never been one to make resolutions, but I do have hopes.  For those of you that know me, I always have HIGH hopes.  I seem to want the moon, but will take a piece of cheese if that is what happens.

My hopes for this year is for moderation in projects that I attempt this year.  Moderation in gardening, moderation in landscaping, moderation in my budget, moderation in activities that take time away from what I would really like to do, and moderation in expectations of myself.  There it is, those HIGH hopes once again!

I think my biggest hopes are to travel a bit more this year, to spend more time with my family, and to have a bit more time for my own quilting projects.  Scheduling did not go as I wanted last year so I definitely need to make a change to allow more ME time.

I also hope to be able to write more on the blog and post more photos of the quilts that I complete for myself and for my clients.  I was not very good at posting last year and I apologize.  Time management seems to float right out the window on many days.

Speaking of time management, now is the time to think about the quilt tops you would like to get quilted this year and call to get placed on the schedule.  The slots fill up before you know it and then my turn around time is further out then either of us would like.  I do have some clients that keep a consistent slot every two months so they know when there time is available and they are ready to go.

I truly wish you have a 2016 that is relaxing, loving and pieceful!  I leave you with a few photos for a bit of eye candy until I post again.  Another hope, to post more regularly this year.

















Spring Projects

Scheduling gardening, yard work, and quilting certainly becomes a juggling act at times. My yard is calling to me that it is becoming a hay field while I am quilting in the studio. Thank goodness I am as organized as I am. Nothing would get done if I let my attention drift.

I have completed a couple of projects this last month. I repaired an antique double wedding ring quilt but forgot to take her picture. Too bad. She was gorgeous with a green background and prairie points all around the edges.

I completed this memory quilt for a wonderful woman who lost her mother. I hope this quilt gives her comfort as she shares memories of Grandma with her children. Memory quilts are a fabulous way to use clothing items of the person who passed and create a quilt to wrap around shoulders or lay in a lap and remember!

Karlee's quilt

I also have completed this very large T-Shirt quilt for a beautiful graduate! I really enjoyed making this quilt with all the different fabrics and photos added. It is a different layout than just a grid of T-Shirts. The time involved is more but it certainly was a darling quilt.
Kati's graduation quilt
Kati's grad quilt
I have another T-Shirt quilt ready to go into the frame, a top pinned to my zipper system and ready to go into the frame after the T-Shirt quilt, am piecing a double wedding ring quilt (only two rows to go) and am cutting out a new top.

The garden is in and thriving, the iris are almost in full bloom, all the flower beds are weeded, am getting ready to paint three adirondack chairs and a bench, am working on my vintage trailer, Trixie, and am still “letting the grass grow under my feet”. Guess I need to fit in the mowing soon.

Was working in the studio and this gorgeous dragonfly came to visit.

Remember to be positive about life, count your blessings, and involve yourself in your passions.


Spring Brings Out the Colors

I love spring as the flowers are beginning to have green shoots and the grass is coming alive and not so brown. It certainly is a season to look forward to when it comes to quilting as well.

I have been working on another T-Shirt quilt that turned out very well.



The sashing and border on this quilt really set off the blocks and helped the logos to shine. Two of the center blocks were added from printing pictures and words on fabric. This is a great way to add to the number of logos or to add special sayings or photos.

I hope that as the yard begins to call to you with gardening tasks, you remember to set aside time for quilting. The quilt shows will be coming up and always needs pieces. Also, do not wait to the last minute for those Holiday gifts. Time passes quickly and being rushed to finish things can be very stressful.

Enjoy the spring time……..

Tax Season Always Interrupts My Quilting

It is unbelievable how fast this year is moving. Seems like only yesterday . . . . It also seems that I say that more and more frequently as I age.

I have been very busy during the month of February. Seems like, when it rains, it pours. So I just have to take deep breaths and move forward as best as I can.

As tax season approaches, I am buried in paperwork. I keep thinking that I am more organized this year than last, but I am buried and it needs to be done ASAP. Wish I could just quilt and not be interrupted by such stuff. I am going to try and be even more organized this year. I think I said that last year and here I am once again, complaining. Well, on to the quilting stuff:

My Flying M piece was auctioned and brought a very nice price for a great charity. I am so thankful for the buyer. I loved the piece so much that I think I am going to create something similar for me.

I have been working on this TShirt recently and finished it up for the customer.



It seems to be the season of the TShirt quilt. I am finishing up on the one from last blog post. It is quilted and just waiting for the binding. I hope to have pictures of it for you in the next couple of days.

With the tax season, it seems that everything is happening at once. My vintage trailer, Traveling Trixie is coming along on her renovation. Check out my blog: GlampingWithTrixie.wordpress.com to see what is going on with her.

I am also having my furniture repaired (dining table base, and regluing a couple of chairs), my sofa and chair reupholstered, packing and moving everything out of my foyer, dining room, living room and hallways (including pictures on the walls) as carpeting is going to be installed.

The bulbs are coming up outside and I already have blooming crocus. The garden is calling for cool weather crops to be planted. Of course, there is prep work to do before this happens.

I also have several quilting projects for clients that are scheduled and keeping me very busy. If you have a quilt that you need made, or a top to be quilted,be sure to get on the schedule soon. I do not like being out more than a couple of months.

Well, wish me luck on the upcoming projects and look for more photos to come in the next couple of days.


T-Shirt Quilt Fixed and Beautiful

Sometimes I get projects from clients that need some tender loving changes to make them into a great quilt. This T-shirt quilt had been started by the girl that is going to receive it for Christmas.

She had cut the logos (roughly) and tried to make a collage out of them. They had been attached to a piece of fleece with yarn. Of course, they were rolling on the edges and the client did not know how to finish the quilt.

I took the logos apart and reframed them with fabric. Some of the logos were cut to close to the edges and I lost part due to the quarter inch seam I needed to add the new fabric. Even when things do not work out as planned, it is still possible to fix them and create a great quilt to snuggle into.

Speaking of snuggling, my other helping hand insisted we snuggle just a bit before I could finish this post.

Loaded into the frame and Crystal Rose (my APQS Millenium) and I have begun the quilting.

Crystal Rose the great machine

Here are a few closeups of the quilting on this t-shirt quilt.


So here is the finished quilt. It has been transformed into a lap quilt out of the logos that had started their journey differently. Once again, this is a finished piece and is ready to go to the client.

T-Shirt quilt

Do you have any t-shirts that need to be transformed? Are your drawers filled with t-shirts that you have collected from different events or activities you participated in during your past? If so, consider contacting me and let’s see what we can make so those t-shirts are being used and so you have more space.


From Ocean To Garden

I have been so busy the last couple of weeks that I forgot to take pictures of the projects I have been working on. So I thought I would share a couple of pictures from the trip to the coast last week and the garden and produce waiting when I returned.

I have a quilt top that I will start quilting on Monday, that has an ocean theme, so my vacation to the coast fit right in with thinking about the design for the top. Let’s see . . . waves, shells, crabs, jellyfish . . . maybe not kites though.




It was a fabulous trip. I would like to be able to spend at least two days a week watching the ocean as it is so relaxing.

My return home was not nearly so relaxing. The garden decided to really grow in a week.





The chickens had to do their part as well. Maybe veggie omelettes are in my near future.

I am finishing up this T-Shirt quilt and hope to be ready with my ocean designs for the next project.




Keep quilting and think ocean waves. Sue

The Sunbathers and T-Shirts

The girls just love to sunbath and hang out. I guess you could call this a real hen party. Enjoying the day, clucking about this and that, a little to eat, a little to drink, and good friends to spend time around.

So, while the girls enjoyed the sun, I was working on a darling T-Shirt quilt.

It is always important to stabilize the blocks.

Selection of the logos is also important. Seems that there are always more T-Shirts than there is room for in the quilt.

Placement of blocks and auditioning sashing is also great fun as I begin to see the quilt take shape.

Cardewyn couldn’t be bothered with the girls or me. She felt it was a day of rest. Keep quilting. Sue

New T-Shirt Quilt

Many t-shirt quilts are made in a grid style and others are made with offsetting pieced blocks.  This one came to me from a client that had started the quilt with a vision in mind.  The t-shirt logos had been cut out in the fashion of an applique.  So, I had to begin with the vision of the client, (I usually do) and build on that vision.  The logos needed to be appliqued onto a background and then the borders needed to be added.

  Custom t-shirt quilts have always been a bit more difficult when it comes to interpreting the ideas of the client.  But this one already had a good beginning and I just needed to go from there.


This quilt was for the client’s son so I needed to maintain the masculine feel with the quilting designs.  I spent quite a bit of time thinking about the quilting designs.  I thought and I thought and I thought……… when I knew I had it….


I quilted a continuous design behind the appliqued logos using a 4″ grid.  I also wanted a more masculine border design so I chose a rope and half circle type alternating design for the two borders.




 The client did not want the quilting to detract from the logos so I tried to secure them with thread and designs individual to each logo.quilting design







T-shirt logo



    After several hours of quilting, quilting, quilting, it is finished.  I think that it is a great example to show that even if you have cut your t-shirts (which I hope you bring them to me uncut), I am still able to take them, visit with you, and come up with a great quilt with significant meaning to you or to your special person.   Are you ready?….

Well, my picture is not as good as I would like.  It was raining outside and my living room is not quite big enough…

Now, if you will be patient with me, I promise that I will write more posts in the next few weeks.  I just get so involved in the quilting that I forget to go to the computer.

I went to the local quilt store this last week (as if I need more fabric) and found some absolutely darling fabric for a couple of bags that I would like to get made this week.  If I can only add a few more hours to each day, I should be able to get outside and get to the yard work as well.  Sometimes, those rainy days really help keep me focused on the tasks at hand.

“Time goes by so fast, people go in and out of your life. You must never miss the opportunity to tell people how much they mean to you.”  Keep quilting and we will visit soon.  sue