Nine Patch Possiblities and the List

     I went to a quilting “talk” over the weekend and they discussed the possibilities of nine patch blocks in quilts.  Now I have been fascinated with the nine patch for many years.  This is a quilt that I made using two different sized nine patch blocks.

I sewed and sewed and sewed to get this critter made.  Afterward, I thought I would never make a nine patch quilt again.  I was finally cured. 

Or so I thought.  Seems that the nine patch pops up over and over in quilt ideas.  Maybe it is because it is a traditional quilt block.  I think tradition is important in life.  It gives you a great foundation to build upon.  Maybe it is because it can be very versatile.  Being versatile gives you the possibility to have different outlooks on different things.  It definitely can be changed by the color placement and we all know that it is the colors of our world that helps bright each day.                                   

This is another nine patch quilt I made (in fact, I made two of them).  It was much easier to make than the uneven nine patch quilt.  Must have been because it was my original pattern and not someone else’s pattern.


Anyway, the “talk” I attended, suggested ways to make nine patch blocks, slice them, and sew them back together to form new blocks/patterns.  The quilt store also suggested making one nine patch a day and putting them together for a quilt.  The quilts made by the participants will be shared in January at another “talk”.  What a great idea.  My scraps have been multiplying like rabbits again, and I need to do something with them (so I have room for more fabric).  I am not sure about the slice part of it.  I do tend to like the traditional nine patch set in any one of the thousand or more ways.  It would be easier to choose a setting it there were not so many choices of setting for the nine patch.  Here we go again, now slice the blocks and resew them to make a new block/setting.  I think I will just start making blocks and then decide on what to do with them…..In the meantime, my list just grew!  Work on current projects, work on my donation piece, work on Christmas gifts (once again, I think I can make ALL of my Christmas gifts), and make a nine patch block a day.  Whatever will I do to fill my time?      Thanks for joining me and reading my wandering writing!     Sue

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