Busy Fall

I have had such a busy fall. I have been working on outside projects, trying to get ready for winter. Seems like I have been blessed with good weather to get a lot accomplished.

I have a small orchard (actually had) on the side of my house. I have taken out all but one apple tree. I have removed the raspberry and blueberry bushes. I also had a raised bed that was my herb garden that I removed as well. It is so shaded now as the neighbor’s oak tree has grown more and more each year.

I also moved all my gardening items from a small shed and sold the shed. I removed rocks and smoothed out the ground, so the orchard is cleaned up and ready for winter.

I cleaned and stained the deck, fixed outside lights, fixed screens, strung speaker wires and mounted speakers on the deck.

I moved my greenhouse and redid the front landscaping so I could plant garlic, iris, and tulip bulbs. I pulled all my tomato plants from the pots in the front.

I split and stacked 3 1/2 cords of wood. Thank goodness I had help as it was a huge job this year for me. I am ready for nice, warm heat in the wood stove this winter.

I have started the leaf raking but both of my huge trees still are holding bags of leaves waiting to fall. I will probably be raking through November.

A sewing cottage has also been under construction. It is taking forever. I certainly hope it is finished before the snow flies. I will share pictures of the sewing cottage next post.

At the same time of getting all these projects completed, I have been doing quite a few projects for clients.

This great embroidered quilt was very fun to quilt. I enjoyed being able to enhance it with several patterns. I always strive to enhance rather than overtake a quilt. If a client spends time and money making the quilt top, it should still be their quilt you admire. But I always enjoy the creative process of longarm quilting.

I have completed several Tshirt quilts since I last posted. It is always great to see all the different logos on Tshirts that you collected from activities you or your relatives have been involved.

I am booked through the end of December with quilting and Tshirt quilts. If you are interested in securing a spot on my calendar between January and June, send me an email at CrystalVisionQuilting@q.com and I will place you on my calendar. An example would be you would like a spot in April, so email me that is the time you would like. I would place you on the calendar then, remind you two weeks before your time, and try to complete your quilt in a two week turn around time. This has worked well for clients this last year so would like to do this again for 2018.

Wow, can you believe 2017 is rapidly approaching the end? It is definitely flying by!

Until next time, enjoy your family! Be thankful for your friends! Quilt as much as possible and always

Count your blessings!


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