April Update

I have not written lately and have a thousand reasons why! Seems that my goals for the year have partly been put on hold. My choices of priorities have gotten in the way of some of my goals. My choices though.

I have been spending time redoing my raised bed area by the sewing cottage. (Her name is Ruby Jane’s Cottage). The entire previous area where the cottage now sits used to be my garden area. Since gardening is also in my blood, I have been developing that area.

I decided to start my garden seeds again this year. First time in about five years.

I have started getting weekly fruits and veggies to improve my eating habits. I get them from Bountiful Baskets, a huge amount for next to nothing.

This has started me dehydrating fruits again! Apples, bananas, and pineapples are at the top of my list right now.

With Ruby Jane finally getting finished, I needed to take some time to move into her space with all of my sewing items.

My girls are never far away!

I have been working on the yard to get it ready for spring and summer. I need to have it ready so when I decide to travel, everything is taken care of and I can go without worry.

I needed to go to LA this March. My daughter had surgery and I flew down to help her and her husband as much as I could.

She is doing much better finally and I am so thankful! It is very difficult when your child is in pain and you cannot take it away.

I have been teaching at Cindy’s Quilt Shop so that is one of my goals I am obtaining. I hope to continue to teach as I enjoy it tremendously.

I will end this post with the last quilt I completed.

Hopefully my photos will continue to get better. At least this one does not have the tips of my shoes. Take care and love each other. To love is one of those blessings available to each of us.


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  1. Your sewing shop is amazing! I want to come see you so bad! I have nothing to quilt at this point! My sister has 6 started but nothing completed!!! I hope you are doing well and I am so glad you made room for your sweet kitties! Love them!

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