Season of Quilting and Leaves, Leaves, Leaves!

I am surprised at how fast time flies.  I have spent time since I last wrote, quilting, gardening, yard work, canning, and dehydrating produce.  These are all things I enjoy very much.

Tomatoes, peppers, broccoli, zucchini, cucumbers, eggplant, beans, and herbs filled my garden this year and also filled my pantry. The freezing, canning, and dehydrating was so fulfilling.  My freezer and pantry are definitely ready for a winter of good produce.

As I have said previously, quilting is in my blood.  I love the feel of fabric!  I love putting colors together to create a piece.  I love looking at patterns and choosing my next project.  I love browsing books and magazines for ideas on quilting.  I love going to quilt shops, seeing all the quilts on display, seeing the rows and rows of gorgeous fabrics, and seeing all the new patterns and ideas.  I love teaching quilt classes and getting to connect with awesome quilters in my classes.

I was teaching classes at Cindy’s Quilt Shop in Caldwell until the first of November.  Cindy decided it was time to retire so she has closed her shop.  I am very happy for her, but that meant I would need to teach classes elsewhere.

I am excited to announce that I will be teaching classes at Idaho Sew and Vac on Overland Road, starting in January.  It is too difficult to try and teach when we are all very busy with the upcoming holidays. I will be posting the available classes and times when we get close to January.  Hope to see you!

So, during this time, take whatever minutes you can squeeze into your days to quilt just for you.  The holidays can be so stressful at times, a few minutes sewing and quilting can give you a renewed sense of peace; at least it does for me!

If you are looking for fabric for those holiday projects, Idaho Sew and Vac is adding lots of new fabric in the store.  It is exciting to have another place to find great quilting fabrics.  Each store has its own flavor so that gives us many choices as we look for that perfect fabric.

Here are a couple of client quilts I have completed during this last month.  I love having the variety of quilts to quilt.  It is such a creative process for me.  Enjoy!  (Just a little side note, I really am going to try to do better photographs this year).

Whew! I have been busy! Thanksgiving is now past and into the hustle, bustle of December.

I am booked with quilting from now to the middle of January.  If you would like to have me put you on the schedule for a certain month, let me know and I will add a slot for you during that month.  I will notify you that your slot time is approaching so you can be ready with your quilt top and backing.  Now is the time to schedule to insure you have a a secured spot for quilting.  You can always call me when you have something to be quilted and I will get you into the schedule as I have always done in the past, but sometimes I am booked pretty far out.

It is leaf season at my house once again!  It is always nice to know I can count on bags and bags of leaves every year.  Raking in the cold, fresh air is a wonderful way to spend a few days each fall.  The colors of the fall leaves on the trees has been spectacular this year.  Being able to have such a beautiful fall this year has been a great treat.  I always want to find fabric of the same colors of the fall leaves.  The richness of the reds, yellows, and golds always adds to my ideas for quilts.

As we celebrate Thanksgiving, I am reminded of all I truly have to be thankful.  I try to be kind, generous, and thankful each and every day.  Thanksgiving provides us the time with friends and family during our busy lives.  Spend more time enjoying this special time with everyone and less time stressed about your to do list. It is memories of time spent that we carry.

Aspen, the girls and I wish you a great December!

Take care,



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