End of 2020 and a sale to send the year on its way!

Well, I have been very derelict in writing to you this year. 2020 has definitely been a challenge in so many ways. It has affected each of us on a daily basis and each day’s challenge has presented differently for each of us.

The connection of quilting has carried many of us through the ups and downs as we have navigated the changes. I know that quilting has been the one constant I have every day. I am so thankful for such a wonderful avenue to occupy my time, allow creativity to flow each day, and to bring joy during such a trying time.

To celebrate the end of this year, as well as relieve some of the stress of counting inventory at the end of the year, I AM HAVING A SALE ON KITS AND NOTIONS! Go to www.SuesCottage.com and save, save, SAVE on kits and notions…….20% off!

I am also going to be offering quilt classes at the end of January. Since I am not able to teach in person, I will be offering classes on Zoom. I am in the process of setting up which classes I will be teaching, so stay tuned to your email and I will get the information to you just after the first of January. The classes will start the end of January so you will have time to gather the supplies and material needed for the class you sign up to take.

I will also be sharing photos of all the quilts I have quilted or made this last year. Stay tuned for my next email just after the first of the year.

Count your blessings and keep joy in your quilting!


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