Kelli’s Quilt for Christmas

Today is a great day of quilting and thinking of my daughter as I work in the studio.  I have been so excited to get the quilt top sewn and onto the longarm frame.  Seems like the quilt is just calling for feathers, feathers, feathers, and there are so many squares, rectangles, and blocks to fill with feathers.  This pattern was a great pattern from a local quilt shop.  It went together so quickly, which was great, because I definitely wanted to get to the feather quilting.

Kelli is so fond of pink and this is the perfect group of colors for her room.  I was so happy to get two sets of fat quarters just for this quilt.  I also was very fortunate to get the border, backing and binding fabric that just matched the top (took some of the last of the fabric from the bolts).  Now I just need to work diligently to get it completed by Christmas.

I am always amazed that I think I can complete several large projects for Christmas gifts and not start them until shortly after Thanksgiving.  You would think that one of these years I would learn to start in January and pace myself. 

Longarm quilting Kelli quilt

I am including a few pictures of the feather designs in the squares and rectangles for this piece.  Some of the squares were quilted individually, and some of the squares and rectangles were combined for the feather quilting design.

Longarm Quilting Kelli Quilt

Longarm Quilting Kelli's quilt


Longarm quilting Kelli's Christmas quiltThe border was quilted with an undulating feather border that was just perfect for the piece and for Kelli. This is a special quilt just for her room.  Since she has such a great sense of style, she has always picked out the colors and designs for her house when decorating.  This will definitely be a surprise for her.  I just hope that there are a few more hours in each day for me to get this finished and wrapped for Christmas morning!

WOW!  I made it just in time and I think her smile was fabulous.

Longarm quilt Christmas morning 2011

Longarm quilt for KelliShe did not hestitate to get her quilt on her bed and Roxie did not hestitate to begin enjoying the new addition to Kelli’s house.  What a fun quilt to piece and quilting so many different feathers was a blast.  Now, I am on to the next quilt.  Guess with such a full quilting schedule, I had better stay on track and be focused for this next year!

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