Sharing A Quilt or Two

I am sorry that today’s post is so late.  I thought I would share a couple of quilts with you today.  However, when I went to my pictures, I got caught up in organizing and labeling the pictures on my computer.  I think that times past were easier before all the technology of this digital age.

I would take pictures on my camera and the film would sit in the camera for a while (actually, quite a while).  I was frugal and it cost a lot to develop pictures.  I was not good at the photography part, so many times you could not tell what the picture happened to be. Some times, I would have the film developed into slides and only print the good pictures.  I did not have a slide projector so it was hard to see what was a good picture worthy of printing.  It was just easier to leave the film in the camera and not take many pictures. 

The negatives went into the envelope that came with the pictures, the slides went into a box and the pictures went into another box, waiting to go into an album.  Of course, I did not write dates, nor who was in the photo, so sometimes (most of the time) I had no idea about a lot of the photos.  Many are still in a box, waiting.  I keep hoping to get them organized and scanned since the digital age is easier and we can now scan those old photos and have them on the computer.

Today’s age of digital IS supposed to be easier.  NOT!  I take a ton of photos with my old digital camera, my not as old but still old digital camera, and now with my phone as well.  I am good at downloading the pictures on my computer, which is great.  Sometimes, I download the same set of pictures two, three, four, and even five times.  Then I find I keep seeing the same photos over and over again in the “My Pictures” section of my computer.  They are all waiting to be put in folders, labeled and the info tagged as to location and people in the photo.  Just like my old system of the photos sitting in the boxes, they are photos sitting on the computer.  I just happen to have hundreds of them, as well as many, many duplicates of the hundreds of photos.  Not having to develop the film just allows me to have hundreds of each event, second by second, minute by minute.  (Just how many pictures do I need of the cat sleeping on the end of the bed?)  I must think that if I take many pictures, I will improve in my photography skills.  I think I need a class…..

Anyway, sorry that I have such a long excuse for the few pictures today, but I just could not choose which quilts to share today after spending soooooo much time trying to straighten out the mess on my computer.  Hope you enjoy them and I will try and share more with you in the coming days.





Maybe, I will even get better at taking the pictures and learn how to use the photo editing program I have.  I am not holding my breath on this one.    sue



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