Reminders of Martha and More Quilts

This is one of my most favorite quilts.  In fact, I liked it so much, I made two of them.  It reminds me that just like the sun, I need to have love stream through and shine on my days.  Love changes the landscape of our coming days and I need to have that sun shining as my daughter prepares to start off on her new adventure to San Francisco.

I am excited to have her so happy, but I like having her close so I can see her without having to make plans for a trip.  Traveling is fun and I enjoy it, but I like to be able to drive down the street and have her there.  Guess I need to buck up, remove bricks from the wall and let that sun shine.  I suppose I will be looking at this quilt alot to help me remember that sun/love shining on my daughter’s face.

This quilt is an original design of applique hearts and piecing.  It is another of my favorite quilts.  I is called “Bless Your Heart”.  It brought up so many memories as I was looking through my pictures again.

Pictures.  Pictures!  Remember those pictures I spoke about earlier this week?  The ones on my computer?  Well I am still sorting and organizing and probably will for the rest of my life. 

It reminds of Martha.  Martha of the magazine Martha.  A couple of years ago, her magazine had an article on tips about how easy it is to take your old pictures and scan them so you have a digital file you can share with family members.  Well, if that didn’t sound great!  I picked up the magazine and was so excited to learn how easy it was going to be to get my pictures scanned and shared with my family.  She was going to give me the tips to easily get my project completed.

Her article discussed the expensive cameras she uses, the studio she had specificly built that included several scanners, several flat screen TVs to view the pictures and scans, and the special desks for her staff to work at in the studio.  She discussed that she was so excited about hiring five college students for the summer to scan and organize her pictures.  That, my friends is what I need.  Not the cameras, TVs scanners, nor studio, but five college students. 















So, just like the name of this quilt, “Coffee Break Always Helps”, I think I will take a coffee break and try and tackle the pictures and let a little sun shine through as I think about my dear daughter.

Let love change the landscape of your coming days and let quilting put memories in your finished pieces.  That way you can look at your completed quilts and have those memories intact.   sue









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