Custom LongArm Quilting

Custom LongArm Quilting

Quilters spend hours, days, months, and years playing with fabric, choosing colors, designing, cutting pieces, sewing, piecing, and producing beautiful quilt tops.  Those quilt tops should be finished and enjoyed rather than folded away in a drawer or container, waiting to be quilted.

Your quilt top can be beautifully quilted with my longarm quilting machine, an APQS Millenium, so you can finally enjoy seeing and sharing the quilt that you worked so hard to make.

Your quilt top deserves to be quilted so that it is finished and so that the quilting enhances the quilt design of the top.  With my longarm custom quilting, I will work with you to choose the best quilting style and design to give you a finished project you are very excited to see and share with friends and family.

My longarm quilting designs are freehand stitching, pantographs, templates, or a variety depending on the quilt top design, quilt size, and your budget needs.

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