Longarm Quilting FAQ

Longarm Quilting FAQ

How do our services work?
Just follow the Longarm Quilting Preparation checklist to have your top prepared the best for a quality quilted piece. Then send your top, quilt batting, and quilt backing to us, along with the Quilt Worksheet (just print the worksheet, complete it and enclose it with your quilt). I always make personal contact so that the type of quilting you desire is clearly conveyed.

How long does it take to complete my quilt?
The turnaround time always varies depending on the number of quilt tops in order before your quilt arrives in the studio. We pride ourselves in not over scheduling, so you get your quilt back within two to three weeks. The personal contact I make with you will give you an idea of the studio schedule so you have a tentative return date.

How do I know what pantograph I would like to have quilted?
There are several to choose from and I am continually adding more to the quilting pattern pages. If you are not sure of what you want, we can choose one for you that will enhance your quilt. We also do send ideas back and forth through email to help with your decision.

Do you trim the finished quilt?
Typically, I do not trim the quilt unless you ask for that service. Many people like to use the extra backing fabric for their binding and my trimming leaves a bit of batting and backing so you can square up the quilt before you bind it.

Do you offer binding services?
Yes, we offer binding services. Check the Longarm Quilting Estimation Sheet for pricing (linear inches).
1. You can send the binding with the quilt and we will attach it for you and let you fold over the binding and hand finish it.
Binding length must be width + length x 2 + 24″ in one long strip to go around the
quilt. Cut your binding 2 ¼” strips, folded in half and pressed to make double fold
2. You can send the fabric to make the binding along with your top, batting, and backing and we can make the binding for you. Please send one extra yard of fabric for the binding. We will return any extra not used. We can attach it with the machine and then you can hand finish the binding yourself.
3. We can also do it all for you, including making the binding, sewing it onto the quilt by machine and hand finishing it. You decide. We just want to provide useful services that give you time to spend working on other projects.

Do you carry batting and backing or do I need to provide my own?
We carry Warm & Natural 90” wide or Legacy Poly 80/20 96”wide batting. You can check the Longarm Quilting Estimation sheet for pricing.

We do not carry a huge variety of backing fabrics but can accommodate you with colors. Let’s discuss this during our personal consultation.

Am I limited to designs I find on your site?
We are not limited to what you find on this site. If you have a photo, an idea, or a link to a quilting design that you like, send it with your shipment. Some of my clients have very specific requests while others leave the choices up to me. Remember, I want to do a personal consultation before quilting your quilt.

May I send more than one quilt top at a time?
Yes you may, but remember, we need to make sure to do the personal consultation so that you have an estimate of time required to complete your projects. Holiday times are extremely busy so do not wait to the last minute. We will do our best to accommodate a quick return time but the schedule does get full at times.

Do you require a deposit to accompany the quilt top?
Yes, a $50 deposit is required to begin work on your quilt. You may either include a check or money order (payable to Crystal Vision Quilting) in your shipment, or you may use PayPal.

Do I need to insure my quilt top when I ship it to you?
Yes, it is a good idea to insure your quilt. I will be insuring it when I return it to you.

How do you return the finished quilt to me?
I will ship it to you Priority USPS so it arrives safely and you get your package right away.