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LongArm Quilting Estimates

The following list should serve as a guide for our pricing and is subject to change depending on the situation. As always we encourage you to contact us and we would be happy to discuss your project in person.

Types of Quilting Charge per Square Inch
Meandering Light $0.025
Meandering Medium $0.03
Meandering Dense $0.035
Edge to Edge Group A Pantograph $0.03
Edge to Edge Group B Pantograph $0.03
Edge to Edge Group C Pantograph $0.03
Edge to Edge with Separate Border $0.04
Basic Custom – May include selected accents,
Stitch in the ditch of blocks or borders,
or overall feather meander with separate border
Highly Custom – Block to block special treatments
including complex stitch in the ditch and complex
accents, such as feather wreaths and quilting on
or around appliqué work
Loading quilt onto machine no charge
Set up Charge – Pressing, trimming threads $20.00
Squaring up top or backing/trimming at end $20.00
Making Backing $30.00
Mending top or backing $30.00
Basting services – horizontal and vertical 3” intervals $0.025 per square inch
Hanging sleeve $10.00
Label $15.00
Pattern Drafting $50.00
Binding Charge per inch
Machine stitched on with customer fabric $0.20/inch
Machine stitched, hand closed, make binding $0.35
Make binding with customer fabric $0.15
Quilting Supplies .
Thread Charge Per Quilt
So Fine light $5.00
So Fine medium $7.50
So Fine Dense $10.00
Glide $7.00
Two or more thread color changes $ 2.00 per color
Bobbins $ 1.20 per bobbin used
Batting Charge Per Yard
Legacy – Cotton Poly 80/20 96” $7.50
Warm and Natural Cotton Poly 80/20 90” $8.50
Quilter’s Dream Wool 122″ $17.50
Black 80/20 96″ $13.00
Hobbs Wool/Cotton Blend 96″ $18.00
Bamboo 96″ $14.50