T Shirt Quilt Layout Options

T-Shirt Quilt Options

T-Shirt quilts can be constructed in two standard ways and a third option is a complete custom layout that might include other design elements and/or photos.  The two main layout options are Block to Block and Sashing Borders between the blocks.

Block to Block T-Shirt Quilt Designs
A Block to Block T-Shirt design involves sewing each T-Shirt quilt block directly to the next T-Shirt Block so you have a grid.  That grid can be from a 4- block grid to a 25-block grid.  The size of the quilt is determined by the number of T-Shirts.

T-Shirts can usually be cut into 15” sew able squares.  Sometimes the graphic is placed too high on the T-shirt and we need to adjust the size to accommodate the graphics but we discuss this with you if it presents challenges.

Below is a chart to give you an idea of the size of a block to block T-Shirt quilt.

Number of Squares 9 squares 12 squares 16 squares 20 squares 24 squares
Size of T-Shirt quilt without an outside border 45” x 45” 45” x 60” 60” x 60” 60” x 75” 60” x 90”

Adding outside borders increases the size of the T-Shirt quilt.  Remember that some T-Shirts present challenges when trying to center graphics or cut standard size blocks that are not too high on the T-Shirt.

Sashing Borders T-Shirt Quilt Designs
A Sashing Border T-Shirt quilt design involves sewing a 2” wide fabric strip around each T-Shirt quilt block.   This can help highlight each individual T-Shirt square, and also increase the size of the finished quilt.  This fabric sashing is 100% cotton quilting fabric.  Usually solid colors are selected but it is you T-Shirt quilt so you can decide if you want to have a patterned sashing fabric.

Complete Custom T-Shirt Design
This layout design can have photos included with the T-Shirt squares as an option.  It can consist of an uneven number of T-Shirt squares and have added quilt blocks in place of a T-Shirt square.  I can have a variety of looks that we can discuss if you should want something other than the standard T-Shirt quilt.