T Shirt Preparation

T-Shirt Preparation

  • Wash all T-shirts before sending them to us.  You will not be happy if your T-Shirt quilt is made and returned to you with a dirty T-Shirt.
  • Check all T-Shirts for stains and write on a paper pinned to that T-Shirt if you want the stain avoided in the finished T-Shirt quilt.  If you ask to have the stain avoided, we will try to keep the T-Shirt square that we cut, centered.  Sometimes, it is impossible to have a nice T-Shirt square if it is not centered.  We will try to avoid stains but sometimes we will need to have that consultation with you to do the best option.  We want your T-Shirt Quilt to be the best!
  • If there is a specific T-Shirt that you want centered in the middle of the quilt, identify it with a paper pinned to that T-Shirt.
  • If there is a part of a T-Shirt that you do not want placed in the quilt, please identify it with blue painters tape.
  • If there are logos or something graphic on the sleeve or you want to use both sides of the T-Shirt in your T-Shirt quilt, again, pin a paper to that T-Shirt with your specific requests.
  • You will need to decide exactly how many and which T-Shirts you would like to use in your T-Shirt quilt.  We do not know if some T-Shirts are more important than others so you will need to decide this and only send the exact amount you want to use.