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T-Shirt Memory Quilt Pricing

Our T-Shirt quilts are made with quality materials to accent the T-Shirts you supply. We use quality batting, backing, thread, border and sashing fabric. Each T-Shirt is backed with a lightweight fusible interfacing to maintain the shape of each T-Shirt square. The quilt sizes represented below are based on the number of T-Shirts in the grid, not on a bed size. I am supplying a chart for your comparison to bed sizes.

These prices are an estimate based on standard making of the T-Shirt quilt. Any extra services you desire can change the estimate.

This chart shows the standard sizes for most quilts. You can compare those sizes to the T-Shirt quilt chart to determine what size you would like for your T-Shirt quilt.

Standard Manufacturers’ Sizes for Bedding

Measurements are approximate and given for standard US Mattresses
Measured in Inches (Width x Length)

Mattress Type


(short drop)

(long drop)

Lap Quilt





28″ x 52″

36″ x 54″



39″ x 75″

65″ x 88″

81″ x 107″

Twin/Single XL***

39″ x 80″


54″ x 75″

80″ x 88″

96″ x 107″

Double/Full XL

54″ x 80″


60″ x 80″

86″ x 93″

102″ x 112″


76-78″ x 80″

104″ x 93″

120″ x 112″

California King

72″ x 84″

*Information is from “Art of Classic Quiltmaking” by H. Hargrave/S. Craig
**Dimensions are approximate and given for standard US mattresses
***Typically found in college dorm rooms

Number of T-Shirt Squares 9 Squares (Lap-square) 12 Squares (Twin) 16 Squares (Double) 20 Squares (Queen) 24 Squares (King)
Size of T-Shirt quilt without an outside border 45” x 45” 45” x 60” 60” x 60” 60” x 75” 60” x 90”
Base Price $460 $500 $575 $625 $700
Add Border Only $100 $110 $140 $165 $175
Add Sashing Only $115 $125 $150 $175 $185
Add Sashing and Border $215 $235 $290 $340 $360

Borders and sashings enlarge the size of the quilt depending on how big you want the finished quilt.

Custom T-Shirt quilts are not built on a grid layout and prices vary depending on the design. Call for quotes.

Remember to think about adding a special label on the back to remember all the important details about your special T-Shirt quilt.