T-Shirt Memory Quilt FAQ

T-Shirt Memory Quilt FAQ

What can be used in a T-Shirt quilt?
T-Shirts, sweatshirts, tank tops, photos, and some clothing items can be used in a T-Shirt quilt.  We are not able to quilt over bulky items, jeans fabrics, buttons, snaps, or some embellishments.

Do I choose the order of the T-shirts in the layout option?
If you have a particular T-shirt that you would like centered in your T-shirt grid, mark it by pinning a paper to that T-shirt letting us know that you desire to have it in the center.  We typically do the quilt layout, however, if you want your T-shirts in a certain order in the quilt, let us know when we do our consultation with you.

If I have already started to cut my T-shirts, can they still be used?
We might be able to use them, but we would not know for sure until we had seen them and measured them.  Sometimes we are able to use them in a different way in the quilt, but that would add a bit more to the cost of the finished T-shirt quilt.  It is best to send extra T-shirts just in case the cut ones will not work.

We are always able to make something custom with the cut T-shirts but the pricing is not the same as for a T-shirt quilt made using a grid for the layout.

Can I just send you a bunch of T-shirts and you pick the ones to use in the T-Shirt quilt?
No, please choose the best T-shirts you would like to use.  We would not know if some had more significant meaning than other T-shirts in your bunch.

Can you use the graphics from the front and the back of the T-shirt?
Yes, we can use the graphics from the front and the back of the T-shirt.  You would need to identify those T-shirts by pinning a paper to the front of the T-shirt with your desire to use the front and back graphic.

When is the best time to send T-shirts for a T-shirt quilt that will be a Holiday gift?
If you would like to have a T-shirt quilt made for a Holiday gift, you should have the T-shirts to us by Mid-August.  I know that it seems the Holidays are still a long ways away, but we are not able to make hundreds of T-shirt quilts in November.  Please do not delay.  Call and reserve your spot and then send us your T-shirts as soon as possible.

How do I pay for my quilt?
We do require a $100 deposit that is sent with the T-shirts and T-shirt order form.  You may send a personal check or money order.  Make it payable to Crystal Vision Quilting.  When your T-shirt quilt is finished, we will send you a photo by email.  Upon receipt of the final payment, we will ship your finished T-shirt quilt.  You can also choose to pay with PayPal.  All finished T-shirt quilts must be paid for within 30 days of notice of completion.

How long does it take typically to complete the t-shirt quilt?
It typically takes us six to eight weeks to complete a t-shirt quilt.